Stresses and Strengths

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Stresses and Strengths

Post  Elaina on 2010-05-25, 9:35 pm

Today while my partner and I were out on a healthcare adventure, seeking treatment for myself for a minor yet VERY PAINFUL medical condition, I found myself being so grateful to have a partner with me to help support me through all the stress of waiting at the clinic, then waiting at another clinic, then getting my medications... and it also made me think of the times that my partner (who is trans) has had her own medical issues, and how very stressful that was for HER due to the torture of paperwork and identity documents and doctors who don't know anything about trans issues, etc. etc.

I wonder what other points of stress and/or strength stand out in the minds of other partners/ SOFFAs? .


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Re: Stresses and Strengths

Post  Angel Eyes on 2010-05-25, 9:56 pm

Welcome =-) and great post, but I'll back out so the SOFFA's can have room to say some stuff =-)

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