Have you heard about DADT repeal?

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Have you heard about DADT repeal?

Post  Angel Eyes on 2010-05-24, 2:16 pm

DADT is the shorthand for the military's policy of "don't ask, don't tell" when it comes to "homosexuality." This issue is getting more traction as it comes up for a vote shortly. Personally, I think it is a distraction from far more important issues to the larger Queer community, and I say this as someone who was discharged after coming out, but I also know I'm considered an "extremist" by some.

Anyway, something that seems to be ringing true with folks has to do with the HRC's recent involvement with this issue. At first, a largely one man show called Servicemembers United was working with the SLDN (Servicemembers Legal Defense Network) on the repeal. It looked like it was a sure thing, I take it, until the last few months. Now, the big box store brand gay rights groups are being brought in, including HRC which seems to be putting more effort into DADT repeal than into ENDA, but I haven't seen any numbers.

Here's the deal, however: after the schism in 2007 over HRC dropping transgender inclusion from ENDA (which didn't pass anyway), HRC from Joe Solomonese on down swore never again to leave out transgender inclusion. However this DADT repeal does just that - it only covers sexually orientation and will still leave TG and IS people completely barred from service. Now while Servicemembers United and SLDN may have made no such promises, HRC has.

I have spoken with some folks within HRC including in DC about this, and gotten some sympathetic ears (once you get past the "talking points"), but they are going to need to hear from more folks if things are going to change. So here's an easy way to make a difference:

1) You can send an email to HRC by using their webform at http://www.hrc.org/12022.htm , but if you're like me, I prefer to call. Their numbers are (202) 628-4160 or (800) 777-4723. Tell them you heard DADT repeal leaves out trans-inclusion, and we don't want to settle for "trickle down" effects.

2) On the off chance someone is interested in working on DADT repeal that does NOT include trans rights, the local field organizer can be reached at Osborn1Jess@gmail.com

Now it can never be said I haven't given HRC some free publicity =-)

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DADT- Hmm.

Post  Elaina on 2010-05-25, 9:49 pm

I understand that not all folks within the LGBTQIH/etc. community are in agreement on DADT. I understand that not all folks within said community even consider themselves a community.

I think that what we have ended up doing, as a community, is scrambling for crumbs and I think that all of this hooplah over DADT is a really good example of that. It's an "acceptable" thing to fight for, the right to join the Man's military and kill the man's enemy's, just as it's "acceptable" to "fight" for the "right" to be married (i.e. engage in patriarchy, pretty much) or adopt babies (because, I mean c'mon, they're BABIES).

To engage in active, public, struggle over these particular issues as opposed to issues like healthcare ACCESSIBILITY for all people within our movement and our community, or the violent and tortuous crimes that are committed against us so disproportionately, sends very clear signals to those in power who CONTINUE to marginalize us and it won't lead to real liberation.

To draw a parallel to another movement's tactics, I'd call upon folks to think about the "Five Civilized Tribes", the Southeastern First Nations peoples who readily adopted assimilationist tactics in order to live "peacefully" with white men. The Cherokee were among them, and no amount of adaptation of white culture or conversion to white religion saved them from the Trail of Tears.

I'm just sayin'. Neutral


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