Trans Conference in Tampa being planned

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Trans Conference in Tampa being planned

Post  Jake on 2010-05-28, 3:46 pm

Micheal from Forge Tampa is 'hosting' a trans conference with some sort of partnership with TransMentors (out of Arizona, I think). He is looking for 'sponsorship committees' from across the state. From what I last heard, this meant 4 or 5 folks from an 'area' to 1) be individual sponsors @ $50 each - which will cover any conference costs, names somewhere, etc. 2) procure at least $500 more in sponsorship 3) provide some sort of training or workshop 4) promote the event in your area.

I have offered to help where I can, but I personally cannot afford the cost and my time is stretched thin between family care and projects I have already committed to.

I would not be surprised if soon, the requirements don't involve a monetary contribution. The idea is for sponsors at the front end to support the creation of the conference so that at the back end, it will be quality and free. I would not be surprised (unfortunately) that lifting the monetary requirement may be the only way for it to have the support and participation it needs to happen. I hope I am wrong. I am not sure of the best way to contact him - there may be a Forge or conference site. If you want to be involved, I can forward your contact to Micheal.


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Re: Trans Conference in Tampa being planned

Post  Angel Eyes on 2010-06-01, 8:50 am

That all sounds about right. I have heard Michael has taken over FORGE from Janice. Robyn had posted something to one of the lists about the conference and about how there was a desire for other cities or groups to help out with sponsorship, etc. TransMentors I had originally heard about from you and I think you posted a few months back they were looking to do these kind of things around the country.

Robyn indicated she is interested. My thinking is along your lines b/c it isn't that I think it's a bad idea, but I'm just involved in too many other things.

As you say, I'll be surprised if the "sponsorship" idea carries through unchanged to the end. Really, I think we have too much that is either "tranny charity", or OTOH, profiting off people's gender transition needs. I believe we need something sustainable, more along the lines of cooperative organization. I'm trying to do this with the forum, so we'll see how that goes, I guess.

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